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Using AutoCalc Pagination

In all the previous lessons, you may have created an amount of automated graphic productions. Common for all of them is the designer driven workflow in the creator process. In other words, you as a designer have been in charge of exactly where all the boxes should be postioned, and the database content has simply filled in it’s content row by row in the boxes you created in advance. Continue reading

Working with the Update Method

One very important feature of Cacidi Extreme, is the ability to update content of documents dynamically. This is used in many scenarios. One scenario could be when producing documents like for example product sheets and pricelist, where new or updated information in already created text and image boxes should easily replace the content that flew into the document when it was initially created. Continue reading

Pre-defined free floating method

In the ealier lessons you created automated business cards in “Step’n Repeat” and “Pre-defined grid based” modes.

The designs so far have been very straight forward, aligned with the grid setup for the productions. In this lesson, you are going to make your design “free floating”, making you comfortable with creating automated productions with a hand-made touch to the look and feel of the final output. Continue reading

Basic Pre-defined grid method

You have learned how to construct your very first Cacidi Extreme “Item design”. Though this was a very simple, and not completely finished design setup, you got familiar with the main principles of automating with the production method we call “Step’n Repeat”, meaning that business cards were continously created till no more data was available in the content file. Continue reading