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Cacidi LiveMerge, is and extremely powerful drag 'n drop tool for merging data to design. Simply choose/search for your product, and drag the snippet design to the page.. and everything is done for you, text merged in, images placed and scaled, positioned right there, where you want it.. read more here..
Cacidi BarCodes, all the types you have ever dreamed of.. in laser sharp quality, fully adjustable and never distorted text.. always clear and readable! read more..
Cacidi Charts, the best tool for ANY infographic! Beautiful, crystal clear and razor sharp charts, in 10 chart types, 9  Callout types, plenty of text formatting, and much, much more.. read more here..
Cacidi Extreme, the right tool for creating, hundreds or thousands of pages, you can use it data OR design driven.. very unique!, You have four production methods, Step 'n Repeat, Predesigned, AutoCalc or Update.. This production?, 45 pages, 19 layers, for currencies, text, images and bar codes.. in less than 3 minutes..read more

Download latest version of you software now!
Due to an move of our license server, we has experience that the activation are failing, on all products.. For the older versions CC-CC2017 you will need to use our offline activation, on CC2019-2020, new version supporting the new activation are available for download, now.

Adobe InDesign 2021 version 16.3 is shipping the native Apple M1 Silicon version of InDesign – NOW!
The new InDesign 2021, will have the version number 16.3 attached.. and will break the compatibility with the current versions of the Cacidi plugins.. But no worries, we are ready for the thrill.. and speed of the new version..
Read more about the new versions on the adobe blog here

The speed is unbelievable fast
The Calzone tutorial project, runs on my old machine (MacBook Pro 2017/i7) in 3:40, the Rosetta II emulated 2021 runs on a MacBook Air (width M1), in 2:30, round 35% faster.. But the native InDesign 2021 M1 version, runs the same job in 1:20, almost 3 times faster..

The catch..
You will need to download a new plugin package for the 16.3, the old versions created for 16.0-16.2.x will not run on the 16.3 versions, and you will receive a messages asking you to contact the developer.. that’s me.. If you are using other third party plugins, you should be careful when upgrading.. as always..


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