Cacidi Extreme CC Light

The light version of Cacidi Extreme has mostly the same feature set as the full version. Many customers starts up with the Light version, and you can at anytime upgrade from the Light to the Full version. 

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The schema below shows the difference for the two versions.

Function Extreme Extreme Light
Step ‘n Repeat Production
Predifined Design Production
AutoCalc Pagination
Number of AutoCalc Methods (pagination methods) 13 3
Adobe Snippets with Object Script Support
Text file support csv, comma, tab and xml*
Native XLS, XSLX support
mySQL direct connection no
ODBC data connection no
Web Services connection no
Custom data connection via JavaScript no
Update data to design
Write Back to data
Design Update
Data manipulation with Style file
Pre-script support
Post-script support
Cacidi Barcode part of the package no


As you can see, most of the functionality are the same for both products. In short, the Light version just support data files, the number of pagination methods are more limited and the Cacidi Barcode plugin are not included in the package. For a description of each function, please see the Cacidi Extreme page here
* Please read the manual regarding xml support

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