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Cacidi BarCodes CC
This webinar will cover how to use Cacidi BarCodes, and will touch different types of barcodes, including the most uses ones like UPC-A, Code25, GTIN-14 and QR code, we will show how to export all barcodes in a documents as EPS files, convert them to InDesign object and use them for creative designs.
We will also dig into automating the creation of barcodes, using script and Cacidi Extreme.

Cacidi Charts CC
This webinar will give you and in-deeph presentation of the brand new Cacidi Charts, which is just released, and include a huge number of new charts, refinement and functionality.
In this webinar we will look at every aspect of creating great graphics, in superb quality, in no time. And also look at converting a chart to InDesign objects, for creative purposes.

Cacidi Extreme CC / LiveMerge CC 
If you need to boost your production of price lists, catalogues and campaign papers, you should look at Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge. Two time saving products that gives you hundreds of pages in minutes in stead of weeks. Join to see what is possible!

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