How to install a Cacidi package?
All of our product uses the Adobe Extension Manager, so start by downloading and installing the latest version.
To Install the plugin, double click the zxp package you have downloaded, og start Adobe Extension Manager, and select the “Open” menu point.

Now follow the steps prompted by the Adobe Extension Manager, restart the computer if this is the first time you are installing a Cacidi product. And you are ready.

Where can I find the plugin palettes?
Most of the Cacidi products are palettes which you can find in the Window menu, eg. Cacidi Extreme, LiveMerge, BarCodes or Contact Sheet Pro, they are all located in the Window menu.

For Cacidi Cropmarks, the dialogs, and menu point are located in the Object

Specific Product FAQs
You can find the specific FAQ for each of our products in the sub-menu of the FAQ, or by following these links Cacidi Extreme CC, Cacidi LiveMerge CC, Cacidi BarCodes CC, Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro CC or Cacidi Cropmarks CC

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    1. Hi Jean-Marc, it’s quite easy to use, select the QR code in the popup menu, enter the data in the panel, and press the small bar icon in the panel, and the code will be created on the active page. If you want to automate the production with Cacidi Extreme or Cacidi LiveMerge, take a look of the bar code lesson. You will find it here..
      https://www.cacidi.com/automating-barcode-creation/Please download a demo version on the download page and try it for your self.


  1. Good morning. Sorry for my english , but I am writing with the google translator. I have a question : is possible with Cacidi generating elements horizontally instead of vertically?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Yes, it’s possibly just hold down the ALT key while pressing the Create key, that will do the trick. If you want to create a pre-define page, the alt key will work there to! Please let us know if we can assist in any way.. online demo or?


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