Offline Activation

Validate your installation:
Please upload your 'Cacidi Preferences.dat' file to create a license file, when you are behind a proxy server

Your 'Cacidi Preferences.dat' file can be located here:

On a Mac you can go to finder, use the menu Go->Go To Folder.. paste this
~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 14.0/Cacidi/

On a Windows one a file explore window, and paste this in the command line
%appdata%\Adobe\InDesign\Version 14.0\Cacidi

For previous versions of InDesign 13.0=CC2018, 12.0=CC2017, 11.0=CC2015, 10.0=CC2014, 9.0=CC and so on..
On both Windows and Mac the folders 'AppData' and 'Library' are hidden, use the command line above or consult the OS/IT Helpdesk for getting access to them.