Cacidi Cropmarks CC FAQ

Q: What is Cacidi Cropmarks?
A: Cacidi Cropmarks is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign.

Q: What are the system requirements for Cacidi Extreme?
A: A computer capable or running Windows 7, Cropmarks 8 or Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, and of course Adobe InDesign CC/CC2014.

Q: How do I install Cacidi Cropmarks?
A: After downloading Cacidi Cropmarks, double click the zxp file to launch Adobe Extension Manager. Remember to update the Extension Manager to the must reason.
After installing the files, launch Adobe InDesign and open Cacidi Cropmarks CC/CC2014 from the “Windows” menu of Adobe InDesign.

Q: The Installation program failed. Can I install the plug-ins manually?
A: Yes. The installation process probably failed because of limited privileges for you user account.
To install Cacidi Cropmarks manually:

A) Locate your InDesign installation, and create a folder inside the “Plugins” folder, name it “Cacidi”.

B) Rename the *.zxp package til *.zip, unpack the file, locate the “Win”, “Win64” or the “Mac” folder in the extracted folder you downloaded and copy the contents to the “Cacidi” folder you just has created. If you already have a “Cacidi” folder within your Adobe InDesign CC/CC2014 Plug-Ins folder, copy the contents of the new “Cacidi” folder into the old, replacing existing files.

C) Windows only!, copy the libmySQL.dll file to the root of your windows installation, normally located “C:\Windows” and restart your computer.

After installing the files, launch Adobe InDesign and open Cacidi Extreme from the “Windows” menu of Adobe InDesign.

Q: Can I try out Cacidi Cropmarks to see if it’s the right product for me before I decide to buy it?

A: Absolutely. When you start to use the plug-in, you are allowed to work with the software for 2 weeks before you have to enter a serial number in the “Activation” menu.

Q: After the trial period, when I decide to buy Cacidi Cropmarks, how do I enter my serial number?
A: Enter your purchased serial number in the “Activation” menu and click “Activate”.

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