Cacidi Extreme CC
Cacidi Extreme CC, the market leading design driven automated InDesign document builder, intuitively lets you create advanced catalogues, price lists, stationary, direct mails, and much more based on static or live connected data sources. Updating future productions is even more simple, and happens lightning fast.

Cacidi LiveMerge CC
Cacidi LiveMerge CC, the perfect Adobe InDesign CC plug-in for graphic design workgroups to efficiently layout any kind of productdata based Adobe InDesign CC document. The live connected drag’n drop functionality makes data driven layout fun and easy.

Cacidi Barcodes CC
Cacidi BarCodes CC is a plug-in that can be used to create barcodes directly on your InDesign page. Barcodes created via Cacidi BarCodes are live objects, which means you can modify the data in the palette at any time and the barcode will be changed dynamically.

Cacidi Charts CC
Cacidi Charts CC is a World Class plug-in that can create the most beautiful charts based on data you enter in the palette, load from a csv file or automate using Cacidi Extreme/LiveMerge or by script. The Cacidi Charts CC create all the common charts with a lot of styling settings to be applied.

Cacidi Cropmarks CC
Cacidi Cropmarks CC applies cropmarks, bleedmarks and guides to individual objects in your Adobe InDesign document.

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