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Now supporting URL’s as image paths

One of the most requested features for Cacidi Extreme and LiveMerge has for years been the ability to use a web images, with a web URL as an images in a catalogue production. That has not been possible for a number of reasons.. e.g the lack of a way to select the images, and even if we had that, we would have to drop the idea on a link to an image when we want to show, export and print the image, and a missing modification date on URL is also trouble.

With the 18.0.6 versions of Cacidi Extreme/Extreme Light and Cacidi LiveMerge/LiveMerge Light, we are now supporting the use of URL’s as image links, in the easiest possible way.

To be able to use an URL, we are doing it by downloading the image to a local folder, and then place the image in InDesign. And it will be able to print, export and view the image in InDesign. You can say, we are automating the process of downloading the images, correct the file path, and everything is done in the fly. Images added on a later state, will be added to the local folder. Continue reading

How to Master the Master Pages

With the release of Cacidi Extreme CC2019 – 14.0.3 version, it’s now possibly to control how master pages in InDesign is applied. To apply a specific master pages doing a Pre-defines or auto calculated production has newer been more flexible or easier to accomplish.

An information in data about the master page, or information saved with the predefined design, will automatically be applied to the right page doing creation of the catalog.

Continue reading

Cacidi Charts CC2018 August Release – Introducing Circle Charts

Today we are releasing a brand new version of Cacidi Charts CC2018 for InDesign, that includes a totally new chart, and a lot of improvements.

The New Circle Charts, give a new dimension to presenting infographic. It’s a very nice circle shaped graphic but shows data like a column chart.. Minimum and maximum values can be set, and the Doughnut Hole, well knows from the Pie Charts, can be adjusted. The Space between lines can changed (even negativ values up to -50% can be entered)..

Illustration shows the change space between circle lines. Continue reading