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New Cacidi BarCodes and more 2018-October Releases

Today we are releasing a brand new version of Cacidi BarCodes CC2018, letting you convert the LiveObject a barcode are, to InDesign Objects you easily can manipulate in any way you wish..

Together with the release of the new BarCodes, all the other products been checked with both MacOS Mojave and Windows 10, latest. For Extreme and LiveMerge we have included  the latest engine to read Microsoft Excel files.

Download here

Cacidi Cropmarks CC is Ready for Prime Time

The new fantastic Cropmarks is now ready for prime time. Featuring a wide range of great functions. And covering, we think, even the most desire full witches. You can apply crop, bleed and safe marks, and apply multiple bars like color bars and gray scale bars, add registration marks, fold marks and a lot of guides. You can decide if the marks should be in positive or negative colours, and even get a measurement of the job..

A big THANK YOU to our beta testers, especially Stacie and Alan, which push me in the right direction to start the project, and helped a lot i the final stage of testing!

Ready more here!


Installing a Cacidi plugin

The installation process for all of the Cacidi plugins are quite easy, and you will be guided through the process step-by-step. First you need to download the right software which most be compatible with the version of Adobe InDesign you have on the computer. The software for CS 6 will not run on a CC, CC 2014 or CC 2015 version of InDesign.

First you will need to go to the download page and download the right version. For the CS6, CC and CC 2014 a zxp file is downloaded, and if you double-click on the file it should launch the Adobe Extension Manager. If you are running InDesign CC 2015 or later you will need to use a different approach and below we will describe each step.
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Cacidi announce support for Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Today Cacidi Systems is announcing support for the Adobe InDesign CC2015. Both the desktop and the server versions is supported in various  products. The new versions is build on solid 15 years of InDesign development and Cacidi has delivered new versions ever since the very start of Adobe InDesign.

The new versions is available for download today, right here Continue reading Cacidi announce support for Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Connect to Web Services – a technical view

This is a technical walk through of “things to know” when you are setting up a web service connection for use with Cacidi Extreme and LiveMerge.  In this tutorial we will be using a php based web page, that can be download a long with a simple data dump HERE. The output from the web service is expected to be in the JSON form of data encoding. Continue reading Connect to Web Services – a technical view