How to file a support request

All software will now and then behave in a manner you don’t expect. As a basic rule we are supporting the last three versions of our software, for the generic tool set. It means we will give you informations about common functions in the software e.g. How is the Second Scale function work? or How to create a Page Design.

Before you request support
Please open your data in a e.g. Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers, check for yourself that the data has the data that must be used for your production to work. e.g. an AutoCalc production will need columns for Item Design, Height, Width and Command, for some of the method, columns for Page Designs. Remember on Windows to close the file before running the processes (Excel lock the file so we can’t read it)

Test your data using step and repeat
A very good way is to create a step and repeat production, to see if all data come correct into the page. You can, create an Item Design which includes the Item Design name (from data), height and width information.

Checking data or production setup will be charged
What we dont do as a part of you purchase is to dig into the data your are using and try to find why something is not working, you will need to do that your self. If we need to investigate your data, we will charge you for the analyst. If your what to have us check your data please purchase a 12-incident support card in the web shop.

When requesting support
We will need to know the following information:

  1. Operating System, type, bit (32 bit or 64 bit) and version?
  2. Version of InDesign CC, CC2014, CC2015.. (and bit version 32 bit or 64 bit)?
  3. Screen dump of your Project Settings?
  4. Exactly which steps you were doing when the problem occurred. And this means, every button you clicked on, which Item Design, Calc Style or Page Design you where selection/using?
  5. Which page did you choose, when the fail happened?
  6. What was the result, crash, empty page or ?
  7. If a crash occurs, send the crash report, we can use it to see what wrong.

If any of the above steps is missing, we will not take the support case. You will get a link to this page and you can try again.

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