Announcing Cacidi Extreme with Design update

Today we are happy to announce the most wanted new feature ever. The ability to update the design in the InDesign document, when a snippet has changed. Snippets that has a newer modification date will be updated and even designs with nested designs will be be updated – for the changed snippet parts.

The ability to easily update the contents of the catalogues, created with Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge has been a key feature in many, many years. And it has been the main reason a lot of customers has been using Extreme and LiveMerge to create catalogues with 20-2000 pages.

One of the biggest feature request we have had ever is to update, or rebuild a catalog, where the just the changed snippets is rebuild. No the feature is there. Just select the “Design Update” feature in the Extreme palette fly-out menu.. and the design will be updated.

Only documents created with the CC2015 version of Cacidi Extreme/LiveMerge can use the Design Update feature.

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