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All Cacidi products ready for Adobe InDesign CC2018

Today we are announcing that all our Cacidi products for Adobe InDesign CC2018 are available, in new and updated versions, and are ready for download now.

For all products we have tried to ease the update process by automatic take preferences from the previous version 12, and copy them to the version 13 (for CC2018)..

Cropmarks, change to the position of registration marks.
Charts, a lot of changes like: able to save stroke size and color of stroke, and able to save font style when saving style. Able to apply multiple changes to many charts in one adjustment.

For all products minor change in behaviour has been applied.

How to Do an Offline Activation

Why can it be necessary to do an offline activation?
Larger companies offen tries to controll the use of the internet, and for that use they has installed a proxy server, which will cache internet pages and more. Our activation software demands the access to our activation server, and when being behind the proxy server it can’t reach the server. Your IT department can either whitelist our server, or do an offline activation as described below.

How to copy your activation file for offline activation
Send the Cacidi Preferences.dat file from the location below, to

You can find the “Cacidi Preferences.dat” file here

The version part of the file path depend on the version you have..

Version 8=InDesign CS6
Version 9=InDesign CC
Version 10=InDesign CC2014
Version 11=InDesign CC2015
Version 12=InDesign CC2017
users/your name/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 12/Cacidi/Cacidi Preferences.dat
Users/your name/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/InDesign/Version 12/Cacidi/Cacidi Preferences.dat

We will after we receive the file, we will created an additional file “Cacidi Licenses.dat”, and send both the “Cacidi Preferences.dat” and the “Cacidi Licenses.dat” file return.

Copy the two files to the location described above.

Cacidi Announce Cacidi Charts CC – a World Class Chart Solution

Today Cacidi are announcing a complete world class solution for creation and editing charts directly in Adobe InDesign. The many charts available covers Pie Charts, Column Charts, Bar Charts, Stacked Charts, Area Charts and the combined Line Scatter Charts. A wide range of charts, and some of them even makes it possible to combine functions like making first row as a line, when working with Columns Charts. Continue reading

Intelligent Rule Based Image Position

Cacidi SmartImagePlacement script are now available to all Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge users. The Script will repositioning resize images in a snippet design, when other images are deleted in a group of images and space are left empty. Let’s say you have a snippet with the space for six images and five of them are not available –  the script will reposition and resize the image to take all space previous used for all six images. There are two ways the reposition and resizing can be executed, either by intelligent calculation of remaining space based on a grid, or by preparing a rule-set for position/size of images.

Continue reading

Almost ready for InDesign CC2017

Just released preview versions of all Cacidi products, and we are still testing on the final release of InDesign CC2017. If you find anything not in the order as it should be, please let us know by sending a mail to support.

Known issues:
Nov. 4th: Mac version only: will not load Microsoft Excel native format, convert to CSV as a workaround..
Nov. 9th: Mac version only: fixed an issue with activation.
Nov. 14th: Mac version only: Excel issue fixed.
Nov. 15th. Mac version only: fixed an issue with the native Mac installer causing the CC2015 plugs to be deleted when installing the CC2015 versions.
Dec. 5th: Mac version only: Missing Network Crash fixed.
Jan. 4th: Win and Mac: Added Dump Used Data to Extreme.
Jan. 4th: Win and Mac: Fixed an issue when updating an inline text frame from LiveMerge selection.

Installing a plugin for CC2015 or later

The installation process for all of the Cacidi plugins are quite easy, and you will be guided through the process step-by-step. First you need to download the right software which most be compatible with the version of Adobe InDesign you have on the computer. The software for CS 6 will not run on a CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC2017 version of InDesign. This Guide is only valid for Mid 2015 InDesign CC2015 and later, a guide for previous versions can be found here.
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