Installing a plugin for CC2015 or later

The installation process for all of the Cacidi plugins are quite easy, and you will be guided through the process step-by-step. First you need to download the right software which most be compatible with the version of Adobe InDesign you have on the computer. The software for CS 6 will not run on a CC, CC 2014, CC 2015 or CC2017 version of InDesign. This Guide is only valid for Mid 2015 InDesign CC2015 and later, a guide for previous versions can be found here.

Installing using a zip achieve
First you will need to unpack the archive, (windows:it’s not enough, just to double-click and enter the archive – it must be unpacked). To unpack, right click the archive and select Mac:Open With->Archive Utility or PC:Extract. Now double-click the product name e.g. CacidiBarCodesCC2015.pkg on Mac (the file ends with .pkg) or on Windows CacidiBarCodesCC2015.exe (the file ends with .exe).

Follow the messages on the screen, and the software is installed in seconds.



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