Cacidi BarCodes Now Supports ITF-14 and GTIN-14

Today we’re releasing a new version of Cacidi BarCodes CC2015, which support ITF-14 and GTIN-14 bar codes. The past few weeks we have had an increasing number of customers in need for these two types.

ITFcodeBarsPalGTINThe ITF-14 barcode

The ITF is an Interleaved Two of Five, like the Code25 interleaved, a very compressed barcode. The ITF-14 is used for encoding Global Trade Item Number, and is generally used for packaging material.

GTINcodeThe GTIN-14 barcode

The GTIN, is again a barcode for Global Trade. Previously known under several other names e.g. EAN-14, RSS-14, DUN-14 and properly many others.

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