Cacidi LiveEditor for WordPress At a Glance

The Cacidi LiveEditor for WordPress, is a plugin for WordPress, that makes it possibly to create a database within the WordPress environment, and controll which users can access and edit data. With Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge build-in native mySQL connection it’s possibly to connect the the live data while being maintenance on the web site.

The easy way of setting up an enviroment where users, in an convenient way, can edit data and connect data with images. Both text data and image data is searchable without interfering with the normal WordPress search support.


Finding data and editing the database
When using the list page, use the search widget on top of the page to narrow down the listed records, then click one of the records to edit the data, and the edit page will be shown. Make the necessary adjustment to text or chose images to image field, and end the editing by pressing the “Save” buttons at the bottom at the page. The edit page will close and the list page will be shown.


The image bank functionality let you from the record itself chose images to data, and there is now limit number of images can be connected to a record.

The software is free under the  GPLv2 terms
The LiveEditor for WordPress software is a plugin running under WordPress, and WordPress is licenses under the same terms as LiveEditor for WordPress. In short, you can use the software, modify and share it, but you can’t sell it. If you need ANY kind of support you will have to pay for it. See below, under Purchase a 12-Incident Support  Card.

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