Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro CC


Standard contact sheet
Cacidi Contact Sheet calculates the appropriate space needed for each image item, and then places images and corresponding image text in the document. 

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Special contact sheet
Decide for yourself the design of your contact sheet, and place image and text.

Picture packages
Create customized picture packages with unlimited number of images and text boxes.
Full styling support
Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro supports all styles in Adobe InDesign such as: shapes, colors, fill & stroke, transparency, drop shadow, feather, paragraph- & character styles and more.

Automatic scanning
Contact Sheet automaticly scans your hard drive or folders with all subfolders included.

Automatic scaling and rotation
Contact Sheet scales and rotates your pictures according to your selections. First Scale makes largest picture without cropping, and Second Scale fills the box but with minimum cropping. If selected, Contact Sheet rotates the picture for best fit.

EXIF & XMP metadata
Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro can process more than 80 different pieces of information (metadata) from the standard formats EXIF og XMP.

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