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Cacidi LiveEditor makes it simple to create and maintain SQL databases in mySQL. You don’t need any prior knowledge to be able to use Cacidi LiveEditor. All you need, is to use a web browser.

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Search and editing of data
After you’ve logged on to the system, you can use the built-in search function which utilizes global free text search, choose which data cards to edit, and with just one click, you can access the data card editing window.

User management
With LiveEditors’ complete user management and client groups, it’s very simple to manage and control which folders and areas each user can access and which rights to allocate. For example, you can use client groups to control which area a client has access to, distinguishing the client groups by design and branding, and you can decide whether or not they’re allowed to edit, add and delete data.

Creating databases
With Cacidi LiveEditor, you can easily release already created databases to users, or upload a tab-, comma- or semicolon-separated file with a header (naming of columns), and LiveEditor will automatically create a database with tables and records.

Updating of data
When data needs to be updated, the user can choose to go to the data card display and edit the data, but it’s also possible to simply upload a text file to the system, which then updates data cards according to ID number, and creates the data cards that don’t already exist.

Display of data
LiveEditor gives you full versatility to set how the data is to be presented, both in list display and in data card display.

Export of data
The export functions in Cacidi LiveEditor give you a wealth of opportunities, both for selecting, sorting, grouping, and for exporting, for example, page or ad specific.

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