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Cacidi DocEditor market is absolutely the most ultimate online editing option, everything happens in real time, and forgot all about what you’ve seen of online solutions. Cacidi DocEditor is developed with one thought only and that is speed!

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What you can change with Cacidi DocEditor
Textboxes change text and attributes like color, font size, typeface, position, horizontal alignment, and the bullet lists **). For pictures you can switch picture, determine the scaling and alignment (top, center, bottom, right, center, left), bar codes *) contents / number of the barcode.

How is it possible?
When you upload an InDesign document for the first time created a cache where all picture boxes, text boxes and barcodes positions are recorded. Then the pages are dumbs in two solutions, one solution for editing and one for navigation. These cache information makes it possible to navigate the InDesign document faster than if you work directly in InDesign. Only when you edit the contens InDesign Server has to start working.

ultra high-speed updates
When a box content change it is Extremely fast with no real waiting times, or wait for browser updates. Everything is coded for speed, all communication between server and browser is soap dialing, built-in java / httpXMLRequest ..

*) bar code must be created with Cacidi BarCodes
**) Tables are not supported in this version

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