Free Script for Detect and Apply Image Position and Scaling

One of the issues when updating a document with Cacidi Extreme, is that products removed or added in the data will not be deleted or removed. Normally the user will need to recreate the document from scratch, with one of the build functions. And if images are manually adjusted, we will loose those adjustments, and to redo them. And thank you Tiffany to point the issue to my attention..

Today we have create two script, one script that should be used to extract the bounds of the images in the old document, and another script to apply the bounds to a newly created document.. Download the script from here..

The process is quite simpel, before rebuilding the document, open the old document and open the “script panel” (you will find the script panel in the menu->Window->Utilities->Scrip panel) then you click the “CacidiDetectBounds.jsx”. A file (imageboundsdata.txt) is created on your desktop, don’t delete it before you have created the new document – please 🙂

Then create a new document, using the Cacidi Extreme. And when it’s done, run the “CacidiApplyBounds.jsx”, and the images there where present in the old document will now be adjusted to have same bounds as the images has in the old document.

And now you can delete the “imageboundsdata.txt” file..

Watch a small YouTube video here


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