Cacidi announce support for Adobe InDesign CC 2015

Today Cacidi Systems is announcing support for the Adobe InDesign CC2015. Both the desktop and the server versions is supported in various  products. The new versions is build on solid 15 years of InDesign development and Cacidi has delivered new versions ever since the very start of Adobe InDesign.

The new versions is available for download today, right here

The feature set of the Cacidi CC 2015 versions will be the same as the feature set of the latest version of the CC 2014 – but be aware that the feature set of the first and the latest versions (of e.g.. the Cacidi 2014 versions ) is very different.

At the same time as releasing the CC 2015 versions we are proud to announce the support for web service data connection that will make it easy to drag data in the Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge products directly for a web service which serves son data.

New installation procedure
When purchasing the plugin at Cacidi web page and installer is provided to give an easy and streamlined experience. You will be prompted for the location of the demo file in the Cacidi Doc folder, and you will be meet with the usual acceptance of the end user license. Remember on the Windows platform to run the installer with “Admin Privileges ”

For existing subscription customers, the serial number for the CC or CC 2014 is supported in the CC 2015 versions. When the new InDesign CC 2015 is installed, download the software, unpack the zip archive, and install the package by double-clicking the Cacidi Installer.

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