Cacidi LiveMerge CC Manual

Cacidi LiveMerge at a Glance

Cacidi LiveMerge is your perfect plug-in for Adobe InDesign, allowing you to design automated objects exactly like you do with InDesign on its own.
LiveMerge gives you the power to link all your designs with content found in text files or databases, update the content, change the designs, change content in InDesign and write it back to the data source and much more.
When creating brochures, catalogues and pricelists page by page, LiveMerge accelerates the process dramatically, compared to traditional InDesign productions.
Cacidi LiveMerge offers four different viewing experiences of your designed items or modules for your production as well as three additional panel views giving you the power and freedom to create truly dynamical designs based on your data and current production.

Item Designs
You can create your own item designs (Snippets or Modules), by simply creating standard objects with the Adobe InDesign tools, then select the objects and drag them onto the Cacidi LiveMerge palette allowing you to save the design.
The objects will be saved as Adobe InDesign Snippets including all Cacidi LiveMerge relevant automation settings.
See the Adobe InDesign documentation for further information on the Adobe InDesign Snippet format.

Drag and Drop production
Choose the data entry you would like to have presented on the page and drag your desired Design from one of the four design panels onto the page thus creating a unique design with the current data and pictures neatly placed according to the entry selected from your data source.

Update on-the-fly
Item Designs placed on the page can be updated with new content by a single click on a button or you can change a placed Item Design with another design without changing the content of the design.
You can also update your entire production, if changes have been made to the data source.

Dynamic Item Designs
Utilizing powerful options and ObjectScripts on your Item Designs, you can have one design fit all needs by automatically changing your design according to the data being placed.




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