Cacidi LiveMerge CC Manual


FlowDesign allows you to build a page layout by dragging Item Designs onto the page as usual, but unlike the normal process, using FlowDesign will merge data from multiple records into every chosen design on the page at once.
To do this, first select all Item Designs on your page (or the designs you want to use with FlowDesign), then select the record from the List Field pop-up menu that should be placed in the first Item Design. Lastly, hold down the Option Key and click on the Update button at the lower right corner.
Cacidi LiveMerge will then merge the selected record into the first Item Design, merge the next record after the selected into the second design and so forth.

By using this feature, it is possible to create a number of Page templates with Item Designs placed in the desired layout and merge the data into one page at a time.

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