Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Naming an Item Design

When using calculation methods that change the Item Design name you specified in the Data Source (see above), the name of the Item Design should be created as follows: First name and a hyphen, and a number that indicates height/width, e.g. MyModule-3.
When AutoCalc selects another Item Design than the one you specified in the text file, the first part of the name will be used, in this case MyModule-, and the height/width will follow after that. For instance, you might use Non-Breaking Scale Last and you selected an Item Design called MyModule-3, but there are five slots/tiles left on the page and the next Item Design takes up six slots (and thus will not fit the column/page). In this case, the calculation method would change the name to MyModule-5.
This applies to the Non-Breaking Scale Last, Breaking and Breaking Scale Last production methods.

Ad name rules
The rules for naming an Ad file are the same as for Item Design. You only need to select one Ad with a production that uses the Place Ads feature. The Ad name must contain a hyphen and AutoCalc will automatically select an Ad by attaching the first part of the Ad name to a number indicating height/width.

Methods that always use your Item Design selection
Non-Breaking Vertical, Non-Breaking Horizontal the two Measure Placement and the two Position Placement calculations always use your specified Item Design (the Item Design name entered into the Data Source for each data entry).

Methods that may change your Item Design selection
Non-Breaking Scale Last always uses your selection specified in the Data Source, except for the last Item Design in the column/page. Instead, an Item Design that fits the remaining space in the column/page will be used. Thus, the Item Design that is used for the last Item Design is not the Item Design you specified in the Data Source. The methods Breaking and Breaking Scale Last only use the first part of your Item Design name as specified above. The rest of the Item Design name is calculated from its height and whether or not the Item Design is broken into multiple Item Designs.

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