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Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Selecting an AutoCalc Method

The Non-Breaking Vertical and Non-Breaking Horizontal methods are often used for brochure and catalog production.

The …Scale Last methods are often used for price list productions in which you always want the Item Designs to end in the same position on the page.

The Breaking… methods are often used for price lists in which you always want the Item Designs to end in the same position on the page. If a Item Design does not fit the page, the Item Design is broken into multiple Item Designs. If you use methods that may change the Item Design selection, e.g.Scale Last or Breaking…, the Item Designs will be selected depending on their height as set by the name given to them depending on the available number of free rows left on the column or page.

The Measure Placement and Measure Placement Inline methods are typically used for large productions (hundred or thousands of pages), where catalog space optimization is key. These productions very often have Item Designs designed in one specific column width, and then utilizes the Cacidi Rubberband feature, to increase or decrease Item Design sizes vertically, depending on amount of content to match the Item Designs.

The XY Position Placement and Chess Position Placement methods are typically used when you have a document with multiple pages and need to create additional Item Designs on specific pages.

These productions methods can also be used in cases where the data entries in the Data Source are not necessarily put in the right order.

The Prototype Based Placement are often used for manuals, books and other productions where a floating main text frame holds all contents, and you still have some elements which should be in boxes, and some which are floating in the frame.

The Page Based Pagination and Page Priority Based Pagination methods are typically used when you want to layout pages, using the Page Design, and call the pages from the data instead of the ItemDesign.




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