Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Setting up the Data Source for AutoCalc

In order for the various AutoCalc features to automatically create a production based on a Data Source, the Data Source needs to be prepared with the relevant information needed by the AutoCalc method.
Generally, every data base entry should have a field into which the name of the desired Item Design for this entry should be entered. Thus, if the data base entry for buttered milk should use the Item Design 2x1Normal, this name should be entered here.
It's practical to simply create a data column named Item Design and enter the various Item Design names in these fields for each entry.
Beside of that, all Breaking and Non-Breaking calculation methods need to know the dimensions for the Item Design chosen. This dimension is based on the Page Grid that applies to the calculation and if the 2x1Normal Item Design for the buttered milk above is 2 columns wide and 1 row in height, this information should be entered into 2 columns, typically named Width and Height.
Measure Placement calculations only need the name of the chosen Item Design in the Item Design field.
Breaking, Non-Breaking and Measure Placement calculations can utilize a powerful Command field for specific commands that will rule the placement of the Item Design according to the page design, the spread and the next Item Design.
The two Position Placement calculations also need the chosen Item Design name in the Item Design field. Additionally, these productions need to know the vertical and horizontal position for each data entry. For these productions, create a Vertical and a Horizontal data column and enter the positions in these.
For the XY Position Placement method, the positions should be entered in points, starting from the top-left corner of the Page Grid.
For the Chess Position Placement the positions are based on the Page Grid with A, B, C, D etc. being column 1 ,2, 3, 4 etc. in the Vertical data field. The Horizontal data field corresponds to row 1, 2, 3 4 etc.
In addition, the Position Placement methods also need a data column with information on what page the given Item Design should be produced on. Create a data column named Page and enter the page number for each entry in here.

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