Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Using Extreme Update

Extreme Update is a feature that can be used following the Extreme Create or any of the AutoCalc processes to maintain update of content in your documents e.g. price or language versions. When Extreme creates your document, it adds a hidden data field to all text and image boxes. Extreme Update can locate this data field during the update, detect the typography of the text, delete text content, add new text to the text box and re-apply the existing typography. This allows you to update prices or include a new language version without having to perform manual work.
Likewise, all image boxes in the document is updated with correct scaling, image and other adjustments unchanged.
Thus, any changes made to the data source will be reflected in the produced catalogue or brochure just by clicking Update.
To prevent any object to be updated during this process, place them on a separate layer and lock the layer. In that way you can control exactly what you wish to update and what should remain unchanged.

By pressing the Shift-key and clicking on Update, you will be prompted for another Data Source text file from which the Update process will be performed. This allows you to have different versions of you data source, one for each revision, and updating to the newest data source by using the Shift-Update method.
This also allows you to have multiple data sources for multiple languages each holding the same data entries but with different prices, currencies and descriptions in different languages. Then, by creating a brochure using an English data source, you can Shift-Update to the German data source and have the entire brochure be changed into german by one click.

Keeping the link to data
Extreme has an attached data set, where among many things are the ID field and ID data on every box created. It's importance to keep the data, else update is not possibly. Avoid exporting to IDML format, the format deletes every links and update is impossibly.

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