Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Cacidi Extreme at a glance

Cacidi Extreme allows you to create high-quality ads, brochures and catalogs. Cacidi Extreme offers six different panel views, giving you control of every aspect of automated graphic production.

Item Designs

Item Designs are the bread and butter of any Cacidi Extreme production. They are the building blocks that make up the page layouts and define how data such as description, price, images etc should be represented from each product using any of the available InDesign tools for creating graphical designs.

You can create your own Item Designs (Snippets), by simply creating standard objects with the Adobe InDesign tools, then select the objects and choose Save Item Design from the Basic panel in your Extreme palette. The objects will be saved as Adobe InDesign Snippets including all Cacidi Extreme relevant automation settings. See the Adobe InDesign documentation for further information on the Adobe InDesign Snippet format.

Page Designs

Create page designs by using item designs you already created in your project. Click the green preview boxes directly in the InDesign document and select one or more item designs to make up the design. Then click Save Page Design to complete your automated page design.

Step 'n Repeat

Select a single Cacidi Extreme item design from the pop-up menu and click the Create button. Cacidi Extreme will now automate a production based on a Step 'n Repeat production method, building the document from your Page Grid, design Module set up, and import data from the project Data Source (tab-, comma-, semicolon or other separated text format or XML file, MySQL data tabel or a Custom Data Source).

Page Layouts

Create a page design built from different item designs and click the Create-button. Extreme will now create a document based on this Page Design with as advanced design variations as you prefer.

AutoCalc calculations

Create a Caculation based production method from the Calculation panel and click Calculate.

Extreme will now create a document with as advanced design variations as you prefer, based on item designs defined by name in the Data Source.

Productions using content update

When clicking the Update button in the Basic panel, Cacidi Extreme will look for differences in the completed InDesign document and Data Source, and update the dynamically built content accordingly




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