Cacidi Extreme CC Manual

Data Status

The seventh panel in the Cacidi Extreme palette offers a view of the current status of the data source compared to the data that has been merged into every Item Design on the current document.

Time Stamp
If the current Cacidi Project is set up to use a Time Stamp data field (see Project Settings) each Item Design will be given an invisible date and time stamp with the current date when it's produced on the page and whenever changes have been made to its objects.
Likewise, whenever the data source (mySQL or ODBC) has a change to a record, the data source holds a seperate time stamp for that change.

Updating changed objects
By clicking on the Data Status panel in Cacidi Extreme, the list will be populated with every object that has a different time stamp in the data source from what is currently set in the InDesign document. This means, that whenever a change has been made somewhere in the data source, the affected obejcts in InDesign will be highlighted allowing for quick access to the changed objects.
Double-click on any obbject in the list to jump to that object in the InDesign document.
Data that have been changed on the Data Source side will be displayed with a different icon than data that have been changed within InDesign.

To update the selected object, click on the Update Selected Objects button in the lower right of the Cacidi Extreme panel.
To update the whole list of ojects, click on the Update Objects in List button in stead.

Note, that updating objects will not write changes back to the data source.

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