Cacidi Cropmarks CC Manual

Bars & Symbols Panel

For Registration marks can they chosen Centred or Cornered Position, of course they will be affected of the Marks Color information Positive or Negative - applied on the Crop & Bleed Marks panel.

The Add Color and Gray Bars cover not only the Color and Gray Scale bars, but also CMYK words and measurements.

The Color Bars function creates a bar with yellow, magenta, cyan, blue, red, green, black and then 50% versions of yellow, magenta, cyan and black.

The Gray Scale bar contains of 11 patched from white to black graduated in steps of 10% each.

CMYK Words will create a text frame with the words Cyan Magenta Yellow Black, each word will be separated to separate plates if you are doing 4-color CMYK process.

Place Custom Snippets

To use the Place Custom snippets, create a snippet with the graphic you want and save the snippet to you harddrive – you can use the InDesign Export or just drag the elements from the page of InDesign to your harddrive.

Each of the file path can by used to import a snippet, and the position of the placed snippet will be top/left, for the Top Position, top/right for the Right Position, bottom/right for the Bottom Position and left/bottom for the Left Position.

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