Cacidi Cropmarks CC Manual

The Crop & Bleed Marks Panel

This panel gives the ability to decide if you what Crop marks apply to the selected object, how long the marks should be and even the distance to the object and the stroke weight can be decided. Even a guide or/and full measurements can be added. The same guide for the Bleed marks and the Safe marks. The Bleed marks is marks that will go outside the selected object, to let you have extra material on you production. The Safe marks indicate where element should be position of the products where it is safe to be within the selected object.

Measurement, will place a line on the top and to the left of the selected object, with arrows, and in the center of the line will the measurement of the selection be set.

In this panel you also decide if the marks should be positive or negative - should the marks be black (Registration Color) or white (Paper Color), depending on your design. This setting will also have affect on the registration marks.

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