The Fly-out Menu

The Cacidi Extreme Fly-out menu is accessible from clicking in the top-right of the panel allows access for a number of features and options.

About Cacidi Extreme
This option shows the About box for Cacidi Extreme and gives additional information about build number and copy rights

This option gives access to the Activation windows allowing you to register and activate your copy of Cacidi Extreme or apply a Demonstration license that will run for 14 days.

Update Design
Instead of just updating the contents (the data) of the design, the design it self can be updated. To update the design, adjust the snippet/item design, and keep the same name. When using the Update Design function, Extreme will run through the document, find the snippet name in snippets groups an replace the snippets, that has a newer modification date.

Update Base
Choosing this option will Update the database.

Fix Broken DB Links
When using the Fix Broken DB (database) Links, the function will try to fix a problem when the user has pasted from e.g. mail or text editor to a field normally controlled by the Cacidi merge engine.

Cacidi Online
The menu has two submenues, which will start up your prefered Internet Browser and connect to the Cacidi Systems homepage. Based on your selection you will then be taken directly to a page of Frequently Asked Questions for Cacidi Extreme or a page showing the Online Manual for Cacidi Extreme.

Insert Text Templates
For quickly have the three text functions insertered into the current text field, select one of the Templates from this sub-menu. Be aware that this function will be removed in a forth coming version, is replaces by the advanced word styling features.

Pages Queueing
Pages Queueing gives access to apply pages to Odd or Even pages in a Page Queuing catalog in the Page Que panel.

This submenu gives access to every project created in Cacidi Extreme allowing you to easily change between them. The menu also gives access to the Project Settings option which allows you to create, delete or edit projects.
When a project is chosen, Cacidi Extreme will automatically select the project folder as default location when saving new Modules, calculation styles, etc and update the various popup menus with the new content.

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