Cacidi Production Server CC Manual


What is a Workflow
A Workflow is simply a queue of Actions stringed together, one after the other.
Once the first Action in a Workflow queue has been completed, the processed InDesign document is being moved on to the next Action in the queue to be processed and so on. Each previous Action will move the InDesign document on to the Watch Folder of the next Action in the Workflow or, in case of the last Action, move the file to the Ouput Folder.

Working with different Workflows
You can create as many different Workflows as you would like and reuse Actions in any of them thus have two Workflows that will output a PDF document put with different Destiller settings and save names. Each Workflow you have created and published on the Cacidi Produciton Server will be available from the Cacidi Close and Process menu in Adobe InDesign.
You cannot, however, publish a Workflow where the same Watch folder is used more than once, nor can you publish 2 Workflows that uses the same Watch Folder to avoid an endless loop.

Adding a Workflow to a Workflow
It is possible, using the Workflow Action, to add an existing Workflow to another Workflow thus creating a queue that will jump to another Workflow at a designated point and, once this other Workflow has completed, jump back to the original Workflow and complete the Action queue.
This allows you to reuse much used Actions with certain settings that you don't wan't to set up again with each new Workflow.




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