Cacidi Production Server CC Manual

The Log Viewer

The Log Viewer allows you to display any log files in the Log File path as defined in the Preferences.
The Cacidi Production Server will create a log file pr. month naming each file "ServerLog" + year + month + ".txt". Thus, a Log file for January 2010 would be named as "ServerLog_2010_1.txt".

Selecting a Log File
Click on the "Show Log..." button of the Main Window to display the Log Viewer. Depending in your Operating System, this viewer may vary in appereance and position.
The popup-menu in the bottom right corner will display all log files currently available in the Log Path as set in the preferences. Selecting a Log File from this menu will display the log file in the window with the newest entry first.
Click on the "Refresh" button to reload the Log File.

Changing the Log File Path
The Log File Path is set in the Preferences Windows.




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