Cacidi Production Server CC Manual


What is an Action
An Action is a single process that can be done to a InDesign document.
There are a total of 8 Actions available that can be joined together to form a Workflow, with each Action specifying one step for either manipulating or ready checking the InDesign document before the next Action or outputting specific file types with options defined in the various Actions.

The Watch Folder
Every Action except the Workflow Action has a mandatory Watch Folder that should be defined.
The Watch Folder is the physical folder accessible by the Adobe InDesign Server in which the Cacidi Production Server looks for an InDesign document to be dumped. Once a proper document is placed in this folder, either by means of the Client plug-in "Cacidi Close and Process" within Adobe InDesign or manually copied, Cacidi Production Server will process this document based on the chosed Action that has been assigned to this folder.
If, for instance you have created a folder called simply "PDF" and set this folder as a watched folder for the PDF action in a published Workflow, Cacidi Production Server will create a PDF-export of any InDesign documents being placed within this folder based on the settings in the PDF-Action.
Once the document has been processed it is being moved on to the next Watch Folder in the Workflow-queue or, in case of the last Action in a Workflow, it will be moved to the Output Folder.

The Output Folder
The last Action assigned to a Workflow has a mandatory Output Folder that should be set before publishing the Workflow to the Cacidi Production Server.
Once every Action in the Workflow has been completed, the InDesign document that is beeing processed will be moved to the Output Folder (or, in the case of a Preflight Action, the Error Folder, if the assigned Preflight failed on the Document).

The Save Folder
Every Action that exports a new document (PDF, JPG, Flash, EPS and possibly Print) will save the exported file(s) in this folder. The same Save Folder can be used by any Action in the Workflow.

The File Name Options
Every Action that exports a new document has the option of defining a save name for the exported file(s) based in this rule:
Prefix + InDesign Document Name + A random number + Date or Time stamp + Suffix

Prefix and suffix are text strings that each document exported from this Action will share.
InDesign Document Name is the name of the InDesign document being processed (minus the extension).
Random number is 1-4 random digits which can be set using a mask (# equals one digit and #### equals four digits).
Date or Time stamp can be a mix of date and time combinations as defined in the popup-menu.




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