Cacidi LiveEditor Server CC Manual

Linking LiveEditor with Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge

With Cacidi LiveEditor installed and set up on a server, you can use Cacidi Systems catalogue building software Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge for Adobe InDesign to pull data directly from your data bases in LiveEditor to create stunning catalogues, brochures, price lists etc. with full automation.
Using the advanced feature for listing relevant Item Designs directly in Cacidi LiveEditor will allow the user to choose desired designs for each data record having LiveEditor automatically entering the correct dimensions of the design. Thus, allowing full catalogues within Cacidi Extreme literally to be created at the click of a button.
Refer to the user manual of Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge for additional information on how to link to existing MySQL databases from Extreme and LiveMerge.

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