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Create a Job

When logging into the system, the user sees exactly what is available to her or him: The design modules to choose from in the main window, the number of buttons at the very top of the browser window depending on privileges, etc.
As you navigate the folder structure of the Job selector, you will realise that the user Richard is currently granted access to create business cards, box wrappings and product flyers.
One of the key features of the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server , is its ability to build design modules directly into predefined Adobe InDesign templates. Most of the web-to-print solutions available on the market today will only allow the user to replace content in already pre-constructed documents or designs.
The Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server solution will let you update any pre-constructed and fixed material as well, but will even allow you to build designs into an empty document as ýou go. This is the Cacidi box-builder method and can easily be compared to the way LEGO® building blocks come in different shapes and colours, to let peoples decide what to build from them.
To create 6 business cards onto one page navigate to the BusinessCards folder within the Stationaries folder in the Job selector:
In the Jobs To Produce field, enter 6, and in the Job Name field enter My6Cards. This information tells the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server solution how many objects to build and giving the production a name which will make later identification easier.
Then click the Set Job Info button.
WIth the information on the name and number of jobs to produce, select the master design you will use by clicking on it. This design will then be applied to all six objects you are about to produce untill you change the design of one of more of the objects Click on the left-most Job: CacidiBusinessCardUK to set this design as the master design.

Job Builder
Having choosen a master design for your production of 6 business cards, the window will now change into the Job Builder where you can enter any text you want as Firstname, Surname and Mobile information for each card in order to create the 6 business cards.
Each business card is represented in the window by its design and the three text fields. These fields have been predefined when this design was created in Adobe InDesign as being fields where a user can enter dynamic text before production on the Extreme Enterprise Server.
You can quick-jump to any of the six business cards by clicking on the links 1-6 in the top or by scrolling down the windows. Enter some text in all the fields for each business card and click the Create Job button to start the actual production of your job.

The Approve page
When a job is being created you will be sent to the Approve page where you can view a preview of the created job.
Depending on the settings in the Admin Tool you will either get a preview of the first page or multiple pages. Click on the preview to see the PDF output that was created with the job is this was enabled in the Admin Tool.
Clicking on Approve will approve the job depending on the preferences set for the specific user level. Clicking on Edit Job will return you to the Job Builder.
Cacidi Systems offer a wide varity of custom build approve-pages. Please contact Cacidi Systems for more information about custom build approve pages.

SysFields are special non-editable text fields that an Item Design can be created with from Adobe InDesign before it is published to the server. When a job is produced, any SysFields in the Design will be filled out with the corresponding SysField for the current user logged into the system, thus reflecting data on the specific user.
The Item Design CacidiBusinessCardUK just used for producing 6 business cards has been created with a number of SysFields for a lot of information for each card.
To try this, create a new user in the Cacidi client group with Admin User privileges. In the New User window enter additional information for Address, Zip, City, Country, Phone, Fax, Web and Email for this new user.
Now, log in as the new user and create just a single business card with the CacidiBusinessCardUK design.
Notice how the user specific information has automatically been entered into the produced design.
SysFields are a very powerful yet easy way to enter tedious information on envelopes, letters, business cards etc. where a lot of the information will be entered automatically.

Advanced options in the Job Builder
Having successfully created and produced a job it's time to take a look at the other options availble in the Job Builder.

Text formatting
Beneath each design in the Job Builder there is a tool bar with a number of options for the design and the contents
Having some text selected in one of the text-input fields and clicking one of the buttons shown above will do the following:
B: Apply bold style to the selected text.
I: Apply italic styling to the selected text.
BI: Apply bold-italic styling to the selected text.
?S: Apply superscript styling to the selected text.
?S: Apply subscript styling to the selected text.
U: Apply underlined styling to the selected text.

Choose text from an SQL record
These two buttons, if available, will perform the following:
sql: Show the SQL list view where you can pick any SQL record to automatically fill out the design with information from this record. The design must be created using the same data fields as merge fields that the data table has for this to work.
In the SQL list view, cliking on any of the ?-buttons will enter the text from the selected record into the Job Builder.
?: Clicking here will refresh the entered text with the current from the selected SQL record, overwriting any changes made to the text in the Job Builder.

Delete, New, To top
The last set of buttons will either delete the selected design from the Job (the minus-button), add a new design to the job (the plus-button) or jump to the top in the Job Builder (the ?-button).

Changing a design
To change a design to another, simply click on the design to return to the job selector window. Navigate to another design and click the desired design willl return you to the Job Builder with the new design replacing the old.





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