Cacidi DocEditor Server CC Manual

Log on to Cacidi Dynamic Web

The Welcome Screen
When accessing the website of Cacidi Dynamic Web, the first thing greeting the web user is the system welcome screen.
Administrators of the solution are granted privileges of creating users, groups, and userlevels. Based on this, users can only log onto the system with a specific Username and Password, granting each user access to the system at various levels.
When entering username and password, the login acts as a portal, forwarding you to the user group with the privilege allocated to this user.

Loggin onto the system
To start, enter the username RA with password RA and click the Login button.
Note. that all usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
You are now logged in as a System Administrator of Cacidi Dynamic Web, and as such are able to define users, groups and userlevels, granting differentiated privileges depending on the intended use of the system.
The default user levels of the system are SystemAdmin, Admin User and Standard User. The Admin User differs from the System Administrator as only being able to administer clientgroups and users in a clientgroup that the user is part of.
As a SystemAdmin, you will be able to manage users, groups, and userlevels and have access to the editor with full privileges.
A Standard User has full privilege access to the Job-related parts of Cacidi Dynamic Web only.


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