Cacidi DocEditor Server CC Manual

ORD - The <ExtremeServerPrefs> block

The <ExtremeServerPrefs> block contains all settings normally adjusted/pre-set in the Cacidi Enterprise Admin Tool. Settings like resolution/quality of jpg preview, output folder paths, default pdf settings and more.
Use this function only when changing settings on the fly is necessary. When using the ord files to change preference settings, you are changing the default settings, and in order to reverse to original settings, you will need to change them once again.
As such, the full <ExtremeServerPrefs> block is not required.
Not required, but both the <ListBoxWatched> and the <ListboxWatched_Priority> is set in the Cacidi Enterprise Admin Tool. The <ListboxWatched_Priority> defaults to 0.
Not required, all jpg settings is done in the Cacidi Enterprise Admin Tool, the <EditImageSize> value are in percent, <EditCalcHeight> and <EditCalcWidth> are in pixels.
Not required. All export paths could be set in the output name of the given export type, thus entering C: est.jpg in the <JPEGSaveName> field will set the path and the name of the export.
Default PDF style if no style is stated in the <PDFSettings>
Not required. This is the default folder for InDesign templates. As with the output paths, all settings could be stated as the full path.

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