Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

Updating a Data Base

If you have already uploaded a text file into Cacidi Dynamic Web thus creating a new data base, you can always upload newer versions of this text file to update the existing data base.
The structure of the updated text file should be the same as the old (e.i. the headers that will be used for the data fields should not have changed although new headers may have been added). Also, the new data file should have the precise name as the old file had.
Additionaly, the existing data base to be updated should be checked for updating in the SQL connection window.
To update a data base in such a way, log into the client group with the desired data base already set up and connected. Then click on SQL upload and follow the procedure lined out on the SQL upload article in this documentation.
If successful, you will get a message that the data base was updated.

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