Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

Job Templates

A user with enough priviledes will have access to the job templates part of Cacidi Dynamic Web.
Clicking this link in the menu bar will show the job template window showing all the jobs that has been saves as a template for this client group. The standard view options also available from the Job Selector window are at disposal here.
Clicking on a Job Template will allow you to enter a name for the job you want to create after which you will be presented with the Job Builder. All text, items and designs are saved from the job this template is based but are availble for editing (based on the privileges of the user).
Job Templates are used in places where a designer is logged into the client group and are designing the jobs with correct page grid, size and template and a preset number of items of various types placed onto the page with the page designer. Another user with a more restricted access will not be allowed to create a new job nor have access to the job selector but will be able to log into the Job Templates part to choose a pre designed template to base his or hre production upon.
This flow allows for greater flexability and control over who has access to what on the site.

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