Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

The Adobe InDesign Server

The heart and soul of the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server system is the Adobe InDesign Server . The InDesign Server is a server version of the client version of InDesign and is opperated by commands and SOAP-requests.
The Adobe InDesign Server in it self is running on a server computer or mainframe as a server process. As such, it has no interface or other ways of interaction besides commands and output from terminal applications like Terminal in Mac OS X or the Command prompt from Windows.

The components
The InDesign Server is enhanced by the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise plug-ins that allows for advanced automatic multipage productions within the InDesign Server.
The Administrator Tool wathces over the specified hot-folders (see above) and when ever an Order-file is present in such a hot-folder, the information is parsed on to the InDesign server via the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise plug-ins.

Starting the InDesign Server application
The InDesign server is started from within a Terminal window on Mac OS X or a Command prompt on Windows using a specific command. The typical command for starting the server is:
indesignserver -console -port 18383
The portnumber, 18383, is the port number set by the Admin Tool. Other ports can be specified upon launch of the Server but the port set in the Admin Tool should match whatever port the InDesign Server has been started up on.
For other commands to start the InDesign server see the Adobe InDesign Server manual where you also can find information regarding registrating the server application.

Starting the Admin Tool
After the Adobe InDesign Server has finished starting up, the Admin Tool should be started. It will then automatically look for an instance of the InDesign Server on the specified computer and port and will initiate the Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server plug-ins. When done successfully, you will notice the message “[server] EXTREME:STARTING SERVER” in the Terminal or Cinnabd prompt output.
If the Admin Tool was started prior to the InDesign Server, you can click on the Start Server button in the Admin Tool window to start the server manually.

Stopping the InDesign Server application
To stop the InDesign Server, refer to the Adobe InDesign Server manual.

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