Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

What is Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server?

Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server is a complete web-to-print solution built to take advantage of the Adobe InDesign Server application.
This server based solution allows graphic designers to upload design content created within Adobe InDesign to a website, giving non-graphic skilled webusers access these designs, compile or update them in a variety of methods, and finally, at the click of a button, to immediately receive the printer ready document back to their web browser in a varity of formats including PDF, Flash and Adobe InDesign documents.

Time saver
The essence of the Extreme Enterprise Server is to save time, assuring quality and offer flexibility in the production process. Half a decade into this millenium, a large amount of printed documents are still being produced completely manually, even in scenarios where collaboration between more individuals or organisations are required. This often means text and image content are passed on by email or CD-ROMs and returned for approval by the same routines. Then hardcopies for proofing are printed and sent off by conventional mail, etc. The result in many cases is production slowing down or stalling, opposing to a scenario where a Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server solution has been deployed for interactive automatic graphic production.

Build-in SQL data base editor
Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server features an advanced yet easy to use web front end for maintaining and setting up one or more MySQL data bases for each client on the system. Using the different view options, an administrator can easily define how each data base should be presented to the text editor, defining hidden or non-editable data fields, images, pop-up menus and more.

User management
With Extreme Server Enterprise's complete user management and client groups interface, it's very simple to manage and control which folders and areas each user can access and which priviliges to allocate. For example, you can use client groups to control which area a client has access to, distinguishing the client groups by design and brand, and you can decide whether or not they're allowed to edit, add and delete data.

The complete Work Flow
Cacidi Extreme Enterprise Server covers the complete workflow for creating any printable production from text editing, uploading and selecting images, choosing designs and layout to the final print. Additionally, layouters and designers can create preset jobs where designs and layouts are defined ready to have the right text entered from a data base.


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