Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

ORD - The <BaseSettings> block

The <BaseSettings> block contains information about the data source, the type of the data source and the connection method. <BaseSettings> also contains information about data grouping and queries as well as all other information that can be set for a Cacidi Project using the Cacidi Extreme Project Settings window.
If a project has already been set up on a Cacidi Extreme client solution, the <BaseSettings> block can be copied from the Cacidi Connect Prefs.xml file for the Cacidi Project.
For detailed information on these settings, see the User manual for Cacidi Extreme.
<BaseSettingName>Car Project</BaseSettingName>
Not required. The name of the Base Settings.
<Datatable>New Cars</Datatable>
The settings for a data base connection with relevant information about server address, port number, login and database table.
Not required. Used by the Cacidi Extreme and Cacidi LiveMerge
Not required. Alternate ways to set the paths for Item Designs and Images. If images are provided from the data source without extension, the information in <ImageExtension> will be used.
The connection type for the data source. Valid entries are: File for a file connection, MySQL for a MySQL connection, ODBC for an ODBC connection and Custom for a custom data source.
Not required unless either ODBC or File has been set in the <SelectedConnection> field (see above). <FileBase> should contain the path to the data file.
Path and name to a Word Styling file used with the production. See the Cacidi Extreme manual for more info on this.
An alternate way to set the path to a folder where the InDesign templates reside.
Fields for setting up a live data grouping. <GroupUsingListField> is the data field to group around and <GroupContens> contains the data fields to be used in the LOOP field. See the Cacidi Extreme manual for more info on this.
Limit the data to only produce based on entered Data query. Advanced queries using standard SQL syntax also apply to this field. See the Cacidi Extreme manual for more info on this.
The full path to the folder containing ObjectScripts that may be applied to the Item Designs used by the production.
The full path to a pre- and post script file to be executed before and after the Main Loop is run.

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