Cacidi AdBuilder Server CC Manual

ORD - What is the ORD file?

The Cacidi Extreme Server ORD file is an xml file which controls how the Cacidi Server Enterprise works and processes jobs, and is basically reflecting the otherwise human interaction in a traditional manual flow, controlling every aspect of the production.
This documentation should give you the full overview, even in details, how to use and implement the xml based ORD file (order file description) as part of your own front end workflow solutions. This documentation only describe the xml based ORD files and not the legacy files used in versions prior to Cacidi Enterprise Server CS3 (The legacy ORD files are no longer supported with Cacidi Enterprise Server).
Generic information
All path delimiters used in the ORD file can be hardcoded into the ORD file.
For a path delimiter that will work on both Macintosh and Windows based servers use the forward slash-character /.

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