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About Cacidi Charts CC
About the menu not only provides information about copyright, but also about the build number, it may be useful during support cases.

Import / Export of CSV data
In the Cacidi Charts CC palette's fly-out menu there is the "Load CSV file .." and "Save CSV file .." functions, import allows to import data from a CSV file created from database or spreadsheet. Similarly, data entered in the palette can be exported to a CSV file by selecting "Save CSV file .."

Convert Charts to InDesign Objects
The "Convert Charts to Objects" function makes it easy to convert the live object format that Cacidi Charts uses for drawing the charts to InDesign objects for safe distributing or creative manipulation of elements.
If Charts are selected, only the selected objects are converted, else all charts in the document are converted to objects.

To have the ability to change the converted chart, the original chart will be copied to a layer "Cacidi Charts", which are automatically created when converting charts.

Calculate Row Totals
Select a column/row in the data grid, when using the function, the sum of the full row is inserted in the Max. Y-Value field. A function mainly used when creating different Pie Chart, that must be comparable.

Place Grid Data as a Table
All data in the data grid will be placed in a styles table. A "Cacidi Table" table style will be created and applied to the table, and are fully editable. If a box e.g. a chart is selected, the with of the table are match to the with of the selected box.

Swap Columns and Rows
The function will swap the columns to be row, and the row to be columns. Very useful when creating Pie Charts.

Cacidi Online, is the direct route to the manual and FAQ.

Activate, both for demo versions of the software and when the serial number of the SaaS period is purchased must be entered. De-activation if the license has to be moved from one computer to another.

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