Cacidi Cropmarks CC Manual

Bars & Symbols Panel

For Registration marks can they chosen Centred or Cornered Position, of course they will be affected of the Marks Color information Positive or Negative - applied on the Crop & Bleed Marks panel.

The Add Color and Gray Bars cover not only the Color and Gray Scale bars, but also CMYK words and measurements.

The Color Bars function creates a bar with yellow, magenta, cyan, blue, red, green, black and then 50% versions of yellow, magenta, cyan and black.

The Gray Scale bar contains of 11 patched from white to black graduated in steps of 10% each.

CMYK Words will create a text frame with the words Cyan Magenta Yellow Black, each word will be separated to separate plates if you are doing 4-color CMYK process.

Measurement, will place a line on the top and to the left of the selected object, with arrows, and in the center of the line will the measurement of the selection be set.

Place Custom Snippets

To use the Place Custom snippets, create a snippet with the graphic you want and save the snippet to you harddrive – you can use the InDesign Export or just drag the elements from the page of InDesign to your harddrive.

Each of the file path can by used to import a snippet, and the position of the placed snippet will be top/left, for the Top Position, top/right for the Right Position, bottom/right for the Bottom Position and left/bottom for the Left Position.

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