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      Cacidi LiveMerge CC Light

      Cacidi LiveMerge Light, the perfect Adobe InDesign plug-in for graphic design workgroups to efficiently layout any kind of productdata based Adobe InDesign CS6 document. The live connected drag'n drop functionality makes data driven layout fun and easy.

      Work as you would normally do in manual fashion with InDesign, in fact even easier, because Cacidi LiveMerge Light allow you to create and re-use design group objects – and totally innovating– receive a live feed of text and images from your product database or a simple textfile. The benefit: Focus on design and layout and let Cacidi LiveMerge at all times control the state of content in your document. No need for checking if your document content is correctly up to date, Cacidi LiveMerge CS6 Light handles that part for you! In design driven variable data publishing, this is nothing less than a revolution!

      Ease of use
      For the graphic designer, working with Cacidi LiveMerge Light is as simple as:
      1. Select or search the content/product you need
      2. Drag and drop the design from the design library palette onto the page layout
      Even creating new designs happen faster than you will believe. Any tekst you like to dynamically feed and update from the data source, you just place brackets [ ] around. Dynamic image links just as easy.

      Live objects
      Click a button once, and your content is immediately updated to current state, should a colleague of yours, or even an automated process, parallel to your work have changed content in the data source.

      Support for Cacidi BarCodes
      Cacidi LiveMerge fully supports the Cacidi BarCodes features, allowing you to include barcodes in your design, which will be created and live updated by Cacidi LiveMerge CS6 Light.

      Direct integration with Extreme Light
      Cacidi LiveMerge CS6 Light works in full integration with the Cacidi Extreme CS5 product (see specific product sheet for Cacidi Extreme CS6 Light). In an optimal production workflow, use Cacidi Extreme Light for the fast automatic layout and page allocation and then use Cacidi LiveMerge Light for fine adjustments and creativity.

      Direct file based connection
      Cacidi LiveMerge Light allows you to connect directly to a flat file like a tab-, comma or semocolon separated file, for a live feed of data. With no stops in between, you draw data directly from the file during your catalogue production. Optionally you are able to query directly from Cacidi LiveMerge Light regular text search directly within your data file.
      Each separate project created with Cacidi LiveMerge Light is allowed its own settings and definitions for files and querying.

      Built-in data grouping
      Using an intuitive user interface, you can set up preferences for product group selections, directly within the Cacidi LiveMerge CS6 project settings. This feature makes it easy to create complex price lists and similar productions, without the necessity for external consultancy services.

      Automatic Data validation methods
      Cacidi Extreme CS6 Light includes 16 different data validation features, such as numbers formatting, including a mask of the actual formatting ###.###.,##.
      IF statements allows for eg 0 or 1 values in your data (equal to true or false), to easily make sense when included in data text fields. Even automatic removal of empty data lines, deletion of empty image frames, and new visual adjustment options for images.

      Note! Is your requirement to work directly connected to a live database in stead of a static text file, like eg Cacidi's MySQL based Cacidi LiveEditor, please look into the Cacidi LiveMerge high-end product.