Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro CC Manual

Meta Data

What is Meta data?
Meta data is information included each image. These data may be included by the digital camera capturing the images and consist of information regarding for instance apperture, shooter speed, flash and colorspace.
Meta data can even be saved into images by applications like Adobe PhotoShop.

XMP data
XMP is a standard defined by organizations and companies like Adobe. All Adobe applications writes XMP data into images, and is even utilised by Adobe Acrobat for extracting document information.

EXIF dataThe EXIF standard is defined by camera vendors
Cacidi Contact Sheet Pro always prioritizes XMP data over EXIF data, which means that XMP data is always detected first, and only in the case where XMP data is not present, Contact Sheet pro searches for EXIF data.
If XMP data is present all EXIF data will by default be included in the XMP format.


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