Cacidi LiveEditor Server CC Manual


Creating a user
Click the users tab to get a list of all available users in the clientgroup. The list also provides information about the Usergroup and Userlevel assigned to each user as well as the language the user sees the LiveEditor pages in.
If you're logged in as a System Administrator, you will be able to see every user in LiveEditor. Otherwise you'll only see the users that are assigned to the same clientgroup as yours.
Clicking on the plus button allows you to create a new user, clicking the minus button will ask you to delete the selected user and clicking the edit button allows you to edit a user.
To create a new user, click on any Plus button.
Select the MyGroup/MySubGroup you created before, set user level to LiveEditorStandard, name the user MyGroupStandard, and supply a simple password of 1234. Select a language to view the pages in and click the Create User button.
All other options are optional. Clicking in “Personal Group” will setting the selected client group as a person group for the user disallowing anyone but the user to access the client group.
Now, click on Log in in the menu bar and log in as the user you just created. Notice, that this user is logged in to subgrou of the new clientgroup, MyGroup, and has no administrator priveliges.
Using the Log in function from the menu bar log in as RA once again, and create a new administrator user with LiveEditor-Admin priveliges for the MyGroup clientgroup.
Then, log in as this new administrator.



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